Sought Car Insurance For Doctors In The UK

An insurance company will refer to national statistical databases when assessing the car insurance of any individual.

However, this data, not only collates general information but also specific information on various professions. Doctors’ car insurance is offered by some providers to cater specifically to those who are recognized by law as members of the medical profession.


Why do I need doctors’ car insurance?

If you are a doctor, it is a no-brainer to seek a provider who will take your profession into consideration and will offer you a competitive premium.

How will being a doctor affect my car insurance?

Insurance companies assess risk at every turn and national data is scrutinized when an individual comes to seek car insurance. Unsurprisingly, doctors, along with other NHS staff are statistically less likely to have a car accident or points on their license than other professions.

Working in a caring profession, with the huge responsibility that is ever present with public health, makes doctors and other front-line public servants like police officers less of a risk to the insurance providers.

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This is why car insurance pricing specifically for doctors has come about.

How much does car insurance for doctors cost?

Car insurance for doctors is likely to be less expensive than for those in the construction industry or other manual occupations.

While national data would support the notion that doctors are less of a risk on the roads than a brickie, there are other factors that will be taken into consideration as well.

Premiums will be calculated according to age, driving record, where you live and the nature of the insurance you are seeking. Third-party car insurance will be cheaper without a fire and theft element, and fully comprehensive car insurance will often be pricier, regardless of your professional standing.

Regardless of the level of coverage, car insurance for doctors policy is likely to be cheaper than other insurance offerings.

In general, people who live in a more rural setting will benefit from lower car insurance premiums than those who are situated in a city. If therefore, you work as a doctor in a city hospital and keep the car in a location where cars have been stolen or damaged this could affect the cost of your car insurance. If you live and keep your car in a rural setting, your premium is unlikely to be affected.

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As a doctor, whatever your age or address it will always benefit you to find an insurance company that takes your profession into account when insuring your vehicle.

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