Health Insurance For Foreigners In Canada 2024

Health Insurance For Foreigners In Canada – When you talk about countries that have quality health services in the world, you will have to mention Canada as one of them and this is because Canada provides excellent healthcare services to everyone living in Canada whether citizens, permanent residents, and non-residents.

Healthcare services are part of the reasons a lot of people are moving to Canada aside from the fact that there are a lot of job opportunities in the country.


As we have mentioned that Canada offers quality healthcare services to everyone living in the country but is there health insurance for foreigners in Canada? And how do they assess this health insurance? Don’t worry; we will discuss this in the article.

You will have to know that in Canada, we have public healthcare and private healthcare services and while the public healthcare services offer essential services to those that have the local health insurance plan, the private health insurance plan provides adequate services although they are expensive to purchase.

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The guidelines and standards of the Canadian health insurance system are set by the government of Canada and the objective is to ensure that there is an equal level of access to the healthcare services across the country irrespective of whether you are a citizen or non-citizen so as long as you are living in Canada, you are entitled to healthcare services. The insurance scheme is often referred to as Canada’s Medicare.

You should also know that each province and territory in Canada is responsible for its own health insurance program. So if you are confused about healthcare insurance in Canada for you whether as an immigrant or non-resident in Canada, then you saw this article right in time as we are going to give you a guideline on what you should know about healthcare services in Canada for foreigners and also how you can assess them.

Health Insurance In Canada

Like we said earlier that Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to and this is because it offers a lot of wonderful benefits one of which is quality healthcare.

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The healthcare services are funded by the government of Canada and it is funded through the taxes collected from the citizens, permanent residents, and any other eligible taxpayer in the country. This means that as a taxpayer in Canada, you are entitled to free healthcare services as the government has covered the cost for this.

The Canadian government believes that everyone is entitled to good healthcare services and medical treatments regardless and that is why a large portion of the revenue generated from taxes is plunged into medical care for its residents and citizens.

Insured persons are eligible to the healthcare services offered within a given province in which they reside provided that you are legally residing in or have lived in Canada for at least three months in a year, not including tourists and visitors. So as a citizen, permanent resident, foreign worker, or international student, you can apply for public health insurance from the province you reside in.

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The healthcare services in Canada differ from province to province meaning that each province in Canada has its own healthcare plan and the people that are eligible for the program. Some provinces exclude international students from their healthcare coverage while some others include them.

If you are a non-citizen or not a permanent resident, it will take about 3-6months to qualify for the health coverage and at this period, you should be working or studying in order to increase your chances of qualifying for the coverage and other benefits too.

During the period you are waiting for your public healthcare coverage to be approved, you can apply for private health insurance although it will not be like the public healthcare coverage as you would be required to pay for this service.

You could also try securing the global health insurance policy to allow you get medical attention when you are sick or sustain an injury while visiting Canada. Having this health insurance means that you won’t have to pay a huge sum of money for healthcare services.

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Advantages of Global Health Insurance in Canada

Like we mentioned earlier that this Global Health Insurance is to allow you to get medical attention when you are sick or sustain an injury while visiting Canada and so as a foreigner and non-resident living in Canada, it is important for you to have to get it.

The Global Health Insurance plan will allow you to receive medical attention not only in Canada but also outside Canada as it has worldwide coverage.

What Are The Health Insurance For Foreigners In Canada?

As a foreigner or expatriate in Canada, there are various options for health insurance for you, especially from private insurance providers in Canada.

Let’s look at some of the healthcare in Canada for foreigners and non-residents especially if you are not eligible for the local health insurance plan

  • Aetna International Health Insurance: It provides worldwide insurance cover while you are living and working outside your home country so as a foreigner in Canada, this insurance will cover you while you live and work in the country. It also has an affordable rate for international citizens.
  • Cigna Global insurance: It is a global health service that offers health, dental, pharmacy and Medicare plans to individuals and families who are living and working outside their home country.
  • GoeBlue Xplorer Plan: This insurance cover is mostly for US citizens living in Canada and it provides up to nine months of coverage.
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How Do You Qualify For A Canadian Healthcare Insurance Card?

The insurance card is going to give you access to healthcare services in Canada as it is an identification you present on every appointment and clinic visit you make.

As long as you are with this card, you wouldn’t need to pay any money for you to have access to healthcare services as the card shows that you are eligible for healthcare services in Canada.


For you to qualify for this healthcare insurance card there are some requirements you will have to meet. You will have to go to the nearest service office in the province or territory you are residing and present identification that proves that:

  • You are a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident
  • You are who you say you are
  • You have been residing in your province or territory for at 3-months

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