Colorado Car Registration & Insurance For 2024

Car registration in Colorado is a bit complicated process. The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), part of the Colorado Department of Revenue, is responsible for car registrations in Colorado (DOR). Read on to know the exact details of the Colorado car registration process.

Residents of Colorado must have a Colorado car registration to drive a car on the state’s roads. In Colorado, it is against the law to drive a car without current registration tags. If you do so can be fined a lot of money.


It’s not hard to register your car in Colorado, but you must show the correct paperwork, like the title and proof of insurance. Depending on your car’s age, you may also have to show a current smog report.

Who should register their cars in Colorado?

All people who live in Colorado must register their cars with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles in their area (DMV).

You are a Coloradoan if you qualify for the following:

  • Have a business in Colorado or run one there
  • Lived in Colorado for three months
  • Getting a job in Colorado.

Colorado car registration process

Within 90 days of moving to Colorado, new residents must go to their local CO DMV to register their car and get Colorado license plates.

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People must go to their local Department of Motor Vehicles in Colorado and show:

  • If a VIN certification is needed, a sheriff, other law enforcement officer, or licensed car dealer in the person’s county of residence must fill out a certified VIN verification (Form DR 2698). This verification is only needed if the person’s car is registered in another state and was not bought as a brand-new car.
  • A filled-out application for a Colorado title or registration (Form DR 2395)
  • The person’s current registration from the state where they used to live
  • Proof that you have valid car insurance in Colorado
  • Driver’s license, photo I.D., or U.S. military I.D. that is valid
  • All tax receipts or proof of payment from the person’s last state of residence.
  • Pay all Colorado car registration-related fees.
  • Proof that the car passed an emissions test. (In Colorado, the emissions test depends on which county a person lives in.)

Colorado leased car registration

Residents who just moved to Colorado and want to register a leased vehicle in the state have 60 days to do so at their local DMV.

Residents of Colorado must go to their local DMV and give the following information and documents:

  • A car inspection report from the county where the person lives.
  • The document from the leasing company gave the person the right to register the car.
  • Information about how to get in touch with the leasing company. The CO DMV will have to contact the company that leased the car to get the title information.
  • An application for a Colorado title certificate or registration has been filled out (Form DR 2395).
  • Proof that you have valid car insurance in Colorado
  • Statement of paid sales tax on letterhead of the leasing company
  • Driver’s license or valid photo I.D.
  • All fees and taxes in the state of Colorado must be paid.

Registration of a Car Bought from a Dealer in Colorado

Once a person buys a car from a dealer in Colorado, they need to go to their local CO DMV and bring the following with them if the dealer doesn’t file the registration papers for them:

  • Certificate of Origin, signed by the manufacturer and given to the person. A certified sheriff must check the car on the application for registration.
  • Application for a Colorado title or registration, filled out (Form DR 2395)
  • Proof that you have valid car insurance in Colorado.
  • All of the names on the title must have a Social Security number.
  • Lien statement (if applicable)
  • Payment of all taxes and fees related to car registration

Car registration for cars bought from private parties

  • People who buy a car from a private party in Colorado that is already titled there will need to go to their local CO DMV to:
  • The title or a current registration certificate for the car.
  • Proof that you have valid car insurance in Colorado.
  • Vehicle’s identification number (VIN) (Form DR 2698), but only if the car was registered in a different state. The VIN check must be done by a police officer, a licensed C.O. emissions testing station employee, or a licensed car dealer.
  • Identification, such as a valid U.S. passport, driver’s license, or U.S. military I.D., can be checked.
  • All taxes and fees must be paid.

Colorado car registration cost

Colorado charges $6 for passenger cars up to 2,000 pounds. An additional $0.20 charge is extra per 100 pounds up to 4500 pounds. For cars that weigh more than 4500 pounds, Colorado charges $12.50 plus $0.60 for each additional 100 pounds.

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Colorado car registration cost is set and based on three factors:

  • License fee: This is based on weight, taxable value, and car purchase date.
  • Sales tax: This is based on how much the car costs.
  • Ownership tax: This tax is based on how much the car was worth when it was new.

Is there any penalty for late car registration in Colorado? After a one-month grace period, if you don’t register your car on time, you’ll have to pay a late fee of $25 per month, up to $100.

How to renew car registration in Colorado?

When you get your notice for car registration renewal in Colorado, it will tell you if you can do this transaction online or not. 


Visit the Colorado DMV website for online DMV renewal. You’ll have to:

  • Type in the number on the car’s license plate.
  • Proof of insurance is already on file at the DMV.
  • If your car needs one, you should already have proof of a current smog report.
  • You can pay with a credit or debit card.

If you renew by mail or online, you should get your new registration card and license plate stickers within two weeks. The Colorado DMV has a page on its website where you can check your registration status. If you want to renew your car registration in Colorado, you can use the above steps.

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