New Scholarships From the University of Chicago

For years, several universities and institutions around the world have been supporting and giving helping hands to lots of students from different parts of the globe. Most of these students are individuals who are not capable or do not have enough financial aids to help them keep up with study costs.

Some of these students have to unfortunately shut down their dreams and hopes of studying at top-class universities like the University of Chicago, due to financial afflictions. But this is where everything gets better, it should delight you to note that the University of Chicago now has several scholarship programs to help you counter costs of study in the U.S.


Are you a student who has been looking for golden opportunities that would help you in furthering your education at the University of Chicago? Do you want to get extensive updates on the available and accessible scholarship programs that would help in making the pursuit of your educational objectives easier?

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If your answer to this says “yes”, hop on this train of ours immediately as we go deep and explore around the list of available scholarships from the University of Chicago. Before we move on to the lists, let us discuss on why you should choose the University of Chicago as a place of study.


Why Study at The University of Chicago?

The University of Chicago (UChicago) is one of the most prestigious institutions in the United States of America. Well-known for its top-notch stlye of learning and its high quality educational system, this university has always been amongst some of the best choices for furthering your education in the U.S.

If you know that you are a student who has aspirations to pursue graduate or undergraduate studies in the United States of America, then you should look no further because the University of Chicago has your back. Every year, this wonderful university receives thousands of intelligent minds who are seeking for a means to achieve their academic excellence and you can be part of them.

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“What are the perks or benefits that comes with studying at the University of Chicago?”, “Why should I pick UChicago instead of others?”, If you are amongst those asking these kinds of questions aforementioned, you should note that the University of Chicago boasts of:

  • Its top-notch educational system.
  • some of the best alumni in the world.
  • a very supportive system of learning.
  • a multicultural student community
  • its international accreditations.
  • great emphasis on Research and Development.
  • various supportive scholarship programs.

There are always lots of international students are up for the scholarship programs that the University of Chicago has to offer. With these helpful scholarship programs, students can now have the opportunity to chase their academic goals without getting to deal with tuition costs, travel costs, accommodation costs and other costs of living.

This article shall provide a list that is about of some of the fresh available scholarships. If you are a student whose wish is to study at the University of Chicago, some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, do well to visit the official websites.

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1. First Phoenix Scholarship

Since its establishment several years back, the University of Chicago has remained one of the most widely recognized and respectable universities worldwide. This and several other reasons are why this great institute of learning won’t want students to miss out from learning there.

This is why UChicago has made the First Phoenix Scholarship available to students who do not have enough financial capabilities. If you are a student who is currently looking scholarship program or waiver program that would help you cut down several expenses and eventually aid your studies, then this is for you.

First-year applicants are automatically considered and if you eventually get choosen, you will be awarded a $20,000 scholarship for over four years as part of the First Phoenix Scholarship program. It is also important to note that the scholarships are given to students whose parents did not attain a degree from a four-year university or college.

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Those who eventually qualify will be automatically considered and do not need to submit any additional materials beyond the application for admission.


2. Odyssey Scholarships

For over 15 years, the Odyssey Scholarship program has been dedicated towards providing social, career and academic support in order to help out students who do are from lower-income families. Also, if you are a student who is the first in your family to attend college, this scholarship is for you as it will grant you findings to help in the pursuit of your academic goals.

Applicants who eventually become successfully awardees, get to receive:

  • University grant funding, which does not need to be repaid.
  • additional fundings for program and administrative fees.
  • fundings for housing costs and meals.
  • a stipend to assist with airfare expenses.
  • coverage of cost of the University health insurance plan.

For more information regarding this scholarship, do well to check out the official website.

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3. Trott Scholarship

Back in 2018, the University of Chicago created Emerging Rural Leaders Program, all thanks to the generous donations from the amazing Trott Family Foundation. Since its creation, this scholarship program has been up to reduce the barriers to college which several students and families from rural areas face often.

The Trott Scholarships has been there to help by providing support and mentoring systems alongside several admission programs on-campus and in local communities. The University of Chicago believes that students, no matter their geographic location or ability to pay, should have access to higher education opportunities. Students can now get the chance to chase academic excellence without being bothered by expenses and costs.

Students who later on become successful candidates of the Trott Scholarships get to receive scholarships worth about $5,000. Small-town and rural who have been admitted already will also receive guaranteed, paid (minimum $5,000) summer internships. Free tuition, fees for room and meals are also guaranteed by the University of Chicago.

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For more information regarding this scholarship, do well to check out the official website.



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