Fresh Schorlaships from University of Hamburg (Germany)- Apply Here

The University of Hamburg which is commonly know as Universität Hamburg (in German Language) is one of Germany’s most respectable top universities.

This alongside many other attributes which we would be looking at further down this article, are the contributing factors that keeps this institute of learning at the top.


Currently, there are about 45 thousand students who are studying at the University of Hamburg and do you want to know something that would get you excited about this? Here me out, you can be part of those thousands of students currently studying at this wonderful university.

“But isn’t studying at the University of Hamburg very expensive?”, “How would I fund my tuition there?”, “Who would help me out financially?”. If you are part of those asking these questions aforementioned, then this should be your lucky opportunity.

Before we dive deep into further details, let us talk about why you should study at the University of Hamburg.

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Why Choose The University of Hamburg?

Since its establishment back then in 1919, the University of Hamburg has always been known to harbour and produce very much brilliant minds and also individuals who are ready to positively change the world.
Each year, the great institute for learning receives thousands of new students and quite a much percentage of them are international students.

The University of Hamburg has always strived and worked its way towards being part of the best universities in Germany and looking at its achievements and feats, we can tell that it has paid well. It is a large competitive university in Germany and it competes with other world-class universities like University of Göttingen, Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU), Humboldt University of Berlin, Technical University of Munich, University of Freiburg and many others.

Universität Hamburg can always boast of things like:

  • Its top-notch educational system
  • a very supportive system of learning
  • great emphasis on Research and Development
  • lots of golden post-Graduation opportunities for its alumni
  • a very diverse collection of students
  • tutors who are there to mend you with intelligence
  • various supportive scholarship programs
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Lots of international students are always up for the scholarship programs that the University of Hamburg has to offer.

These scholarship programs are actually meant for helping out students who do not have enough financial capabilities to further their education in Germany.

With these scholarship programs, students can now get the chance to pursue their educational objectives without having to deal with tuition costs, accommodation costs and other costs of living.
In this article we shall be talking about some of the fresh available scholarships.

If you are an aspiring student whose wish is to study at the University of Hamburg, some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, do well to visit the official websites.

1. Merit scholarships (for international students)

The Merit scholarships is for international students aspiring to pursue their educational goals at University of Hamburg.


This scholarship program seeks to support doctoral researchers in all fields of study and at all degree levels who have been actively involved and socially committed in an international context.

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This scholarship will actually help the students to concentrate fully on their studies and also give them a great opportunity to develop any of the skills that they possess. If you are a student and you have been looking for a waiver program or scholarship program that would help you cut down expenses and also ultimately aid your studies, then this is for you.

If you eventually become a successful candidate of the Universität Hamburg Merit scholarships, you should note that the maximum monthly funding sum is about €850. It is also important to note that individual doctoral researchers may be get to receive this same scholarship totaling about €1,000 per month, depending on the availability of funds.

The scholarships will be awarded for two full semesters which is a total of 12 months (roughly 2–3 merit scholarships are awarded per round).


Before you can be considered eligible for the University of Hamburg Merit Scholarships, you should note that:

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• you must not be a citizen of Germany
• you are entitled to funding if you are not eligible for the federal student loan scheme.
• must have already been enrolled in your subject at the University of Hamburg for at least 2 semesters.
• you must be pursuing a degree (doctoral researchers and students in 2-year master’s degree programs can apply after 1 completed semester)


For more information regarding this school, do well to check the official website.


The application deadlines for the University of Hamburg Merit Scholarships are set to be on:

  • 5th of April (funding period: 1 October – 30th of September of the same year)
  • 15th of October (funding period: 1 April – 31th of March of the following year)

You are required to contact the program coordinator or visit the official website if you do have further questions.


2. GSSP scholarships (for International PhD Students)

Scholarships from the Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) are now available for doctoral studies.
Before you start asking questions, if you are in on this, then you should not wait any longer because this scholarship program will see you through your development in any of the listed field of study.

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This scholarship program is after very motivated, committed and highly qualified English-speaking international doctoral candidates


If you eventually become a successful candidate, you get to receive full scholarship (1200 EUR/month). Additional monthly allowances and health insurance are also included.


Before you can be considered eligible for the GSSP scholarships from the University of Hamburg, you:• must not be a citizen of Germany

  • must wield or possess a Master, Diploma or equivalent degrees
  • and your discipline has to be concerned with the study of manuscript cultures and written artefacts
  • need a proof of English language proficiency (at least at level B1).
  • should have a letter of motivation

For any other information regarding eligibility, do well to check the official website. If you also have questions, queries or concerns concerning the GSSP scholarships, visit the official website immediately.



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