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One outstanding university to study at in the United Kingdom is the University of Birmingham, a university that is well known, largely recognized and widely respected worldwide. Just like other top universities in the UK which include the Oxford University, University of London, University of Cambridge and many others, the University of Birmingham has always stood atop.

University of Birmingham has been recorded and known to be commonly part of some of the most remarkable and largely known top universities in the United Kingdom and even around the world, this article will throw out more hints on why this is so. The fact that this university is frequently recognized as one of the best universities is just one out of many other feats which shall be highlighted further down this article.


Chasing a degree or furthering your education at a university like this one is surely going to be a huge investment and let us not even try to sugar-coat it, it would be a costly one if you are planning on going down this path. “Then, how does one get to study there?”, “How would I be able to fund my tuition and other expenses there?”, “Is there a way to cut down study costs at University of Birmingham?”.

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If you are reading this and these questions aforementioned are currently bothering you, you should worry less because in this article, we are going to be looking into how you can easily find your way around study costs via scholarships which would also be listed further down this article.

But just before we go into any further interesting details, let us discuss on why you should pick the University of Birmingham as a place for studying.


Why Study at The University of Birmingham?

Formerly regarded as Birmingham School of Medicine and Surgery many years back, the University of Birmingham is (and will always be) one of the best universities that the United Kingdom has and looking at how progressive it is, it would always be known for its high standards centuries after now.

Since the University of Birmingham gained its university status from the Royal Charter back in 1900, it has remained on top and is still one of the top universities in the UK.

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The University of Birmingham has produced Nobel prize winners like Sir Norman Haworth, Sir Peter Medawar, John Robert Schrieffer and many other well-known individuals who have contributed towards the positive growth of today’s world.

Currently, there are over 35 thousand students studying at the University of Birmingham and do you want to know why you should be excited about this little piece of information?

You reading this right now can actually be part of those thousands of students who are currently going after their academical objectives and goals at the University of Birmingham.

You can get the golden opportunity to be part of a school that has top-class learning facilities, skilled tutors ready to put students through, quality educational system, a multi-cultural learning community and lots of several scholarship opportunities available to students.

If you are reading this now, then you should be interested in the scholarships that the University of Birmingham has to offer and the good news is that there are lots of them available. If you are an international student whose wish is to study at this wonderful university, some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you do want to apply, be sure to visit the official website.

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1. University of Birmingham Nigeria Outstanding Achievement Scholarships

For Nigeria domiciled students applying for entry to an undergraduate programme at the University of Birmingham, it should please you to note that the University is seeking to financially help out with an award of 4 scholarships of £2,500.

If you are a student with excellent academical performances, then this scholarship is here to offer a helping hand in order to counter study costs.

The University of Birmingham Nigeria Outstanding Achievement Scholarships is to be given to the highest performing students. If you eventually become an awardee, you get to receive £2,500 towards tuition fees for the first year only of a full time undergraduate degree programme at the University of Birmingham UK camps.

The subject area for this scholarship includes: Engineering and Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Law, Life and Environmental Sciences.


Before you can be considered an eligible applicant for this scholarship, you must:

  • Be classed as Nigeria domiciled.
  • Not be a student applying for MBChB Medicine and Surgery or BDS Dental Surgery.
  • Have received an offer and selected the University of Birmingham as their firm choice for a full time undergraduate programme.
  • Be classed as an overseas fee payer for tuition fee purposes and be able to pay the outstanding tuition fees not covered by the scholarship.
  • Be entering the first year of an undergraduate programme based at the Birmingham UK campus.
  • Meet the academic conditions of your offer to the programme.
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For more information regarding this scholarship program, do well to CLICK HERE.



2. University of Birmingham Commonwealth Scholarship

To all international students from countries participating in the Commonwealth Games, this scholarship is for you. With a value of £3,000 per scholarship, this award will be handed out to students who are seeking to study a taught Masters degree at Birmingham.

The eligible scholars who successfully meet the criteria for this scholarship will have this amount deducted from their total tuition fees owed.

The University of Birmingham Commonwealth Scholarships will be awarded based on the eligibility criteria which we shall outline below. The University of Birmingham will also make its best endeavours to input the scholarship details onto each student’s CAS record for visa application purposes. The Commonwealth scholarship, which would be applied as a discount to tuition fees, will be awarded/ applied upon enrolment of the successful candidate.


To be considered eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Have applied for, and also receive an offer of admission for, a taught Masters degree at the University of Birmingham UK campus.
  • Be classed as ‘domiciled’ in one of the Commonwealth countries.
  • Be classed by the University as an overseas fee payer for tuition fee purposes.
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For more information regarding this, do well to CLICK HERE.



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