6 Universities In Canada With No Application Fees

Canada is a hub for the world’s leading and most prestigious universities which are home to many international students and great alumni also.

Because of the country’s lower rates of crime, decent standard of living, a plethora of courses available in different fields of study, great research opportunities, a flexible education system, beautiful scenery and climate, endless activities to enjoy, a strong economy, developed towns and cities, and other factors that make the students want to study in Canada.


Colleges in Canada Without Application Fee

Canada is one of the favourites and demanded destinations for students and youth who want to pursue higher education in different fields of study.

The country never fails to surprise the student population from around the world when it comes to such initiatives that allow them to invite and attract international students in order to promote their country’s education system and culture. Here is the list of tthe op 6 universities in Canada with no application fees that we have found out just for you.

  • Tyndale University
  • Quest University
  • The University of British Columbia
  • Booth University College
  • Royal Roads University
  • University of Alberta
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Tyndale University

The first university in our list of universities in Canada with no application fees is a university that was established over a century ago. It is none other than Tyndale University.

Popular Courses 

  • Bachelors of Arts (BA) in English, French, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Biology, etc.
  • Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE)
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theology
  • MDiv in Ministry

Quest University

Next up, on our list of universities in Canada with no application fees is Quest University located in Squamish, British Columbia in Canada. Quest University is a privately run university that was founded in 2007.

Popular Courses

  •  Bachelors of Arts and Sciences
  • Master of Theology

University of British Columbia

Another university on our list of universities in Canada with no application fees is the most prestigious, the University of British Columbia, a publicly run university based in Vancouver.

The University of British Columbia was founded in 1908 and is known for charging no application fees from international students belonging to the world’s 50 least developed nations, as declared by the UN.

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Popular Courses

  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • MBA
  • MSc in Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine in Dentistry

Booth University College

Moving ahead we have Booth University College in our list of top 6 universities in Canada with no application fees. Earlier known to be as The Salvation Army William and Catherine Booth University College, Booth University College is a liberal arts university college based in Winnipeg in Canada and was established in around 1982, in affiliation with Salvation Army.

  • Business
  • Social work
  • Humanities and social studies
  • Continuing studies.

This small Canadian University charges no application fees from applicants belonging to Canada and USA.

Popular Courses

  • Bachelor of Business Administration 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Sciences
  • Diploma Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Social Work 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Royal Roads University

Adding onto our list of universities in Canada with no application fees, we have the ever famous Royal Roads University located in British Columbia in Canada.

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Popular Courses

  • Master of Global Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management
  • Master of Arts in Tourism Management
  • Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainability and International Business

University of Alberta

Last up, in our list of universities in Canada with no application fees, we have the ever famous and prestigious the University of Alberta.

Located in Edmonton in Canada, this is a publicly funded university that was founded in 1908. This Canadian university is home to at least 40,000 students and among them, approximately 8,000 of them are from outside Canada, making it one of the biggest universities in Canada.

Popular Courses

  • MSc in Computing Science
  • MBA
  • Master of Engineering in Engineering Management
  • BSc in Computing Science General
  • Bachelor of Commerce 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts)

Application Process

To begin with the admission process, one needs to follow a certain step-by-step procedure to ensure that you don’t miss anything while sending your application. The following pointers elaborate upon the major steps you should keep in mind while planning to study in Canada.

  • Find a Suitable Course and University
    Thoroughly research the available diploma and degree programs in your field of interest as well as the universities offering them. Canada is globally famous for its prospective courses in varied specializations, be it Science, Technology, Humanities or Commerce.
  • Get the Paperwork Ready
    Applying to study in Canada can be a lengthy procedure and it’s important to start your application as early as possible. Some of the basic application essentials include transcripts and mark sheets for your academic records, language proficiency scores (IELTS Score for Canada), letters of motivation, letters of recommendation (LOR), and Statements of Profit (SOP), amongst others. We have also given a rundown of the different documents you need in the next section.
  • Familiarize yourself with Admission Requirements
    Once you have selected the right course, check its admission requirements given on the university’s official website. Some of the prominent things you need to ensure are academic-related specifications, criteria related to work experience, information about the intake, etc.
  • Filling the Application Form & Submission
    Major universities in Canada conduct the application procedure through an online medium where the candidates need to fill their personal and academic details, and submit the necessary documents as well as the required application fee. Make sure that you carefully add all your details and go through them once again before the final submission.
  • Gear Up for Visa Application
    Once your candidature has been successfully accepted by the university, you can start preparing your visa application. It generally needs around 60 days as well as demands many documents, so it becomes important that you commence your visa application as early as you can.
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