Poland Visa Application 2024 & Requirements

Travelling to European countries might require a visa application. The applications sometimes depend on the person’s country, the purpose of travel and so many other factors.

If you require a visa to travel, then some other requirements will have to be met. Today’s article would be talking about the process involved in Poland Visa application and requirements.


The type of Visa that is obtainable in Poland would differ. Work, Study, Permanent immigration, and other travel purposes require different paperwork hence the difference in the type of visa.

Poland is a country in central Europe that has a good economy regarded as the 16th largest in the continent. Despite this, Poland visa is easy to get compared to other European countries.

If you are looking to know more about the Poland Visa application and requirements, read till the end as we are going to take you through every detail.

Types of Poland Visa

The Poland visa can be categorized into two types; Schengen and National visa. The Schengen visa permits a short-term visit of 90 days. The National visa allows applicants to stay in Poland without a visa for 91 days to 180 days.

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However, for people traveling to other countries in the Schengen zone, you will require a transit visa. This rule is only applicable for countries like Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, DR Congo, Bangladesh, Sudan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, and Iraq.

Your purpose of traveling to the country will determine the type of visa you need. So how do you apply for the Polish visa? The next section will guide you through this.


Poland Visa Application

A few guides and instructions will help you through the process of applying for a Polish visa. Below, we have provided the necessary information you will need when applying for a Poland Visa.

  • Firstly, you will have to create a profile. Visit to create a profile
  • Choose the types of visa that you want to apply for then complete the online application form that is provided.
  • The next thing you should do after completing the application form is to book an appointment
  • A calendar will show you the most appropriate time to book for your interview. Book an appointment with the available dates in the calendar.
  • You will have to print a copy of the completed application form in PDF. This printout carries the schedule of your appointment. You will need the printout on the scheduled date of appointment with the embassy.
  • On the scheduled date of appointment, you will be asked to bring the online application printout and other documents. You will also be asked a few interview questions at the embassy.
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If your visa application is approved, you will be invited to the embassy to claim your passport and other documents you submitted.

NOTE; If you need help in filling the online application click here to get help. Also, you can get assistance from Professionals if you want to book an appointment.

The above guide and instructions will help you apply for a Polish visa of any type.



Kinds of Visa to enter Poland

There are many reasons why people might seek to enter Poland. This is why various visa types are available to choose from during the application process. Visas can be used for different travel purposes and we are going to highlight them here below.

Tourism Purposes; This is a type of visa that is required for people who are travelling to Poland for pleasure, holidays, or vacations. You will need a lot of money in your bank account to apply for this type of visa.

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Business Purposes; The Business visa as it implies refers to travels for individual or organizational businesses. There are some requirements just like any other visa.

Medical Purposes; visas are issued to people who are travelling to Poland on medical treatments. However, medical statement proofs must be provided.

Culture, Sports, and Religion; People travelling for religious purposes, and also athletes apply for these types of his visas.


Official members; People travelling to Poland as official delegates from the government or other organizations need this kind of visa.

Study Purposes; Traveling to Poland for study-related activities would require a student visa. All the requirements for this type of visa are peculiar to the others.

For Wife/Husband visits; If your spouse has Polish citizenship, you can apply for a visa under this category. However, you will be required to provide evidence of marriage.

Transit Visa; If you are travelling to another Schengen region through Poland, you will need a transit visa. The transit visa only permits you to the airport area of Poland.

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National D-Visa; This visa is required if you want to stay in Poland for more than three months. However, you can not apply to stay for more than one year. This visa has two categories; one which permits an application for a work visa and the other that does not.



Requirements of the Poland Visa Application

They are a few requirements that applicants of the Poland Visa application must possess to be eligible. We are going to list the documents necessary for a Poland Visa application.

  • Your completed application form. This could be the manual form or online application form printout.
  • A passport is months valid from the period of leaving the country. Your passport should have two blank pages to accommodate the relevant stamps.
  • Passport photograph with a white background following the required specifications and size. The passport photograph must also be at least three months old.
  • Bank statement from the last three months. This will provide evidence of the funds required to cover your stay in Poland.
  • Medical Insurance documents. The medical Insurance papers must cover the duration of your stay in Poland.
  • Proof of Civil Status
  • Address of residence you will be staying during your stay in the country.
  • Travel itinerary.
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The above documents are the basic documents needed for a visa application in Poland.

However, different types of visas issued might require other documents from the applicants. We are going to highlight the document special to the different types of visas available in Poland.

Tourist Visa

There are some unique requirements special to apply for a Tourist visa in Poland. These requirements include the following;

  • An Invitation letter together with the contact details of a family friend resident  in Poland
  • Bank statement from the last six months
  • Passport

Business Visa

Business visa has a few peculiar requirements which are listed below;

  • An invitation from a Company in Poland, the company’s address, the dates of your visit and duration.
  • Proof of the Business journey from the Employer/Company
  • Proof of previous business between the host company and the other company.
  • Trade License and Partnership documents
  • Expenses of your visit should be included in the invitation.

Medical Visa

Below are some of the artificial documents you need when applying for a medical visa in Poland.

  • Medical report showing the ailment of the applicant.
  • A confirmation statement from the doctor in Poland states the same medical situation as the applicant.
  • Receipt of the medical fees
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Work Visa

Some compulsory documents are required for applying for a work visa in Poland. They include the following;

  • Employment contract document
  • A copy of your work permit
  • Offer of employment from an employer in Poland.
  • An Income tax form

Student Visa

This is one of the most sought-after types of visa. A lot of people choose Poland as a destination for academics and study. To apply for a student visa, you will need the following documents;

  • Proof of enrollment.
  • School approval letter that confirms your acceptance into a University, College, or any school in Poland.
  • Proof of your tuition fee payment.

The above lists are the required documents for different types of visas available in Poland. Before traveling you must make sure that you have the relevant document for any type of visa you want to apply for. This will be crucial in the approval of your visa.

Do you want to know more? Check out our frequently asked question and answer section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Are Visa Application Fees Refundable?

Visa application fee payments are not refundable. Once you complete payments, you will not get back the money even if your application is rejected.


How long Does it take to process the Visa Application?

The application process might take at least two weeks before completion. However, time frames could be dependent on the type of visa and the sensitivity of the documents undergoing review. Generally, a Visa aa application takes from 1s before completion.

Is English Spoken in Poland?

English is the secondary language in Poland. It is the second most common language in the country after Polish.

So, we hope you now know the Poland Visa application and requirements for different purposes of traveling to the country. The information we have provided on the different types of visas will help you if you are looking to apply.

Are you willing to apply for one of these visas? What are you waiting for? Follow the instructions and start now!


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